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Woke Insurance

September 21, 2022

A company that insures your business's communications and protects you from being canceled

The Background


There have been a lot of faux pas by big companies relating to tastelessness in the last few years. 

Kendall Jenner + Pepsi.

Netflix + Cuties.

There are a million examples.

But it seems every week there is some organization that ends up releasing something that stirs up animosity towards them.

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The Idea


You’d think that maybe these brands would just hire people to go through their new releases and make sure that nothing will upset public sentiment.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case, because it keeps happening.

Either that, or the people doing it are doing a bad job.

So here’s the idea.

A woke insurance company.

Here’s how it works.

Any time a brand is about to release something (such as an ad, movie, campaign, statement, whatever), it first goes through an approval process by this insurance company.

They hire people of all backgrounds to audit all of the communication and make sure that there isn’t anything that can offend or confuse.

Once it gets approved, the company can post it.

If they get backlash, the insurance policy pays out a fixed rate.

This way, companies can make sure they don’t get canceled.