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Wikipedia for Organizations

September 21, 2022

Knowledgebase software that is freely editable

The Background


Wikipedia is a really cool platform.

It allows for people to continually build on the information collected and sorted by people before them. 

Lots of organizations have transparency problems.

At schools, students have to ask their friends for recommendations on classes. Students don’t know if textbooks can be found for free online. Syllabi are often updated without students realizing.

Lots of businesses have similar problems. Different people know different information about their clients. There are unclear goals on projects. Processes and business units aren’t well defined.

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The Idea


So this idea is taking the model of Wikipedia, and creating whitelabel wikis for organizations. 

Anyone can edit them, and there is a moderation / community approval process. You can see how they change over time. Anything that isn’t already documented can be.

This has the significant advantage over traditional knowledgebase software that anyone can edit it. 

There are built-in moderation features to avoid abuse. 

All topics are interlinked when appropriate.