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White Label K-Cups

August 31, 2022

A single use coffee cup manufacturer for local coffee brands

The Background


I spend a lot of time at coffee shops.

And I noticed something the other day – lots of them sell their own coffee (or sell the coffee that they use), but very few sell single-use cups of the coffee (like K-Cups).

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The Idea


So this business idea is to create a company that helps these local coffee shops make their own K-Cups.

There are a few different models that might work.

The first model is to simply be a regular co-packer. Pitch low-volume production to local coffee shops. Have in-house the machines to make / pack the cups and to print the packaging so you can do small runs.

The second model would be to make the cups for free, but in exchange get shelf space at the coffee shop. They would send you their coffee, logo, etc. and you would make a small run of the cups. They would get a percentage of each sale. 

This is a more enticing pitch because it’s very low-risk for the coffee shop, but if people buy it and you’re available in every small coffee shop in the country, that’s a very strong business.

I bet that you would see very high consumer buy-in, since people would prefer to drink their favorite local coffee at home, rather than some name brand.