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Valet as a Service

June 15, 2022

A company that provides white label valet service for a whole bunch of restaurants

The Short Version


In a lot of places, valets are just too expensive to be sustainable. If you’re in a moderately-sized city, this is a big problem. You can’t afford to hire someone as a valet, and you can’t afford to buy the dedicated parking lot close to your restaurant. But your customers are likely driving there and will have trouble finding parking.

So here’s my proposed solution. A company that distributes the cost of valet service across multiple restaurants. Buy a parking lot / structure centrally located to a bunch of different restaurants. Then hire out valets who can stand outside and handle the cars for any of the restaurants’ patrons. One valet could probably handle 2 or 3 moderately sized restaurants, so you could charge far less than the restaurant would pay for a dedicated valet.

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The Long Version


My city doesn’t have a single valet service. Not one restaurant can afford it. But it’s not uncommon for patrons to spend 20-30 minutes searching for parking. So here’s how this business would work logistically.

You’d need a place to park the cars to keep costs to a minimum. You might lease a floor of a parking garage, or buy a plot of land, whatever. 

But with the scale you’ll be operating at, it will be much more affordable for you than it would be for the individual restaurants.

Next, you would go to every restaurant on a given block and pitch your services. Tell them that if 3 or more of them sign up, then you will do it. Otherwise you won’t. This way you can just station one valet to handle all three of the restaurants. 

Now, you can monetize in one of two ways. First, you could simply charge the customer. This is probably the easiest. It’s no cost for the restaurant and it’s cheaper than it would be for the customer to park in the garage and walk over.

The second option is to charge a fixed monthly price to the restaurants. This is better from a cash flow perspective, since you’ll have fixed contracts and won’t be subject to the ebbs and flows of the market.