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Universal Tax Portal

December 14, 2022

One portal to interface with every state's tax systems

The Background


If you've ever tried running a business in the US, you've probably had this issue.

Every state has super confusing dashboards to manage your tax / DOL / Department of State accounts. 

These are not standardized, and they are often very old.

This makes it super hard to figure out what you're doing if you can't afford to hire a professional. It also makes it super hard to keep track of everything, since the departments often don't work well together.

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The Idea


So, someone should create one single dashboard that interfaces over the top of all of the different state dashboards. 

Basically just putting a really friendly, helpful wrapper on top of the awful state offerings.

You could segment it by business. 

So, let's say I have 2 businesses.

For Business A, let's say I have locations in 3 states.

When I click business A, I'd see all 3 DOL accounts, all 3 tax accounts, my IRS account, etc. It would show me all of my returns, allow me to file a new one, amend, etc.

It'd also offer helpful reminders / tips if I can't figure out what I'm doing.

If I want to open a new location in a different state, I can just open the account right through this dashboard and it'll handle the backend.

Obviously there would be some work required in getting all the states onboard (or finding a way to wrap over the top of them if they refuse), but this is something that almost every business owner in the country would want.