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Unclaimed Baggage for Small Ecomm

September 21, 2022

A business that resells returns from small retailers

The Background


There’s a really cool business called Unclaimed Baggage.

Here’s how it works.

They have partnerships with all the major airlines. 

Whenever someone doesn’t take their baggage, it gets send to Unclaimed Baggage (after a while).

They sort through the things and sell it all in a thrift shop-style storefront and website.

They have no COGS, and the airline doesn’t have to worry about getting rid of it.

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The Idea


So I was thinking.

What are other markets where businesses have something valuable that they don’t have much use for?

And I thought of small ecommerce stores.

Lots of times, when a small ecommerce store gets a return, they tell the person to just keep the item. It’s not worth their time to get it back and try to repurpose it. Most things can’t be resold as new.

So what if you made a deal with Shopify or one of these other large ecommerce platforms to offer all of their stores a deal.

They can send all of their returns to you (or rather, have the customer send it to you). You’ll pay for the return shipping. You’ll also pay them a percentage of the price of the new good. 

Then, you can collect all of these returns and sell them online second-hand, as a licensed reseller.