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Uber for Translation

September 9, 2022

An app that will connect you immediately with a translator

The Background


Listen – I know that Uber for x is a little played out. But I think this idea has serious legs.

I travel a good amount. And it’s often the case that I’m trying to talk with an uber driver, or an Airbnb host, or some other person, and there is a language barrier. 

It’s a totally expected part of life.

But the problem is that there’s no great way to overcome it. I’m not going to pass my uber driver my phone to type what he’s trying to say into google translate.

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The Idea


So here’s the idea.

Uber for translation.

It’d be super simple, just like Uber.

Open the app, put the two languages you need to translate between. Press “go”. 

It connects you immediately with a translator who speaks those languages via video or voice.

Now you have an interpreter, who can translate in real-time between you and the person you’re trying to chat with.