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TikTok for Newsletters

August 26, 2022

Social media over the medium of email

The Background


This is a billion dollar idea.

Everyone knows what TikTok is. And I think most people have at least an intuitive understanding of why it’s so popular. 

For creators, it provides merit-based distribution. If you make good content, you are just as likely to go viral as anyone else. 

For consumers, it provides tons of targeted content. It learns what you like, and then shows you lots of it.

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The Idea


So here’s the idea.

TikTok for newsletters.

Imagine a newsletter company where every day you get sent some newsletter by someone you may or may not have heard of that is perfectly tuned to your interests.

And, as a creator, imagine your newsletter getting tons of exposure just because it’s really good.

Here’s how it would work.

It needs to be email-native. That’s where people get newsletters, and we shouldn’t expect to change that behavior. 

From the creator side, you create a newsletter issue about whatever topic you want to talk about. Include text, links, images, etc.

Then publish it.

The platform will automatically send it out to a small portion of the total audience that it thinks will like it best. 

Then, the platform will look at the data (there will be buttons to “like” or “dislike”). Based on the number of likes, open rate, share rate, etc. it will selectively distribute it to more and more of the audience. Just like TikTok. 

If it’s really good, you might get sent to millions of people.

It’s kind of like social media through the medium of email. It doesn’t require anyone to download an app or check in. It goes right to their inbox. 

Monetization is easy. You’re building a newsletter. At the bottom you can put your own ads and print money.