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Ticketmaster for Restaurant Reservations

September 14, 2022

A system where you can pay for reservations at fancy restaurants

The Background


We all know that there are some restaurants which are basically impossible to get reservations for. But does that mean we should all just be unable to ever eat there? 

What if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary and we want to go to one of these fancy restaurants?

It seems like the restaurants are leaving some money on the table.

Obviously exclusivity breeds interest, but they have an in-demand, scarce resource that they don’t make any money from.

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The Idea


The business idea here is to capitalize on this scarce resource. 

Create a platform where entities can sell reservations for fancy restaurants.

Who would be selling these? It could be:

  1. Scalpers / normal people who already have the reservation and don’t want to use it
  2. The restaurant themselves
  3. You as the platform, who have a deal with the restaurants

There’s not really much more to the idea than that. Just give people the option to buy their way into fancy reservations, if they want.