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Sweetgreen for Yogurt

October 21, 2022

A chain of build-your-own yogurt parfait stores

The Background


Yogurt parfaits are one of the best breakfast foods you can have.

A little bit of crunch from the granola. Some sugar and vitamins from the fruit. Some healthy fat and protein from the yogurt.

But the options that you have when getting a yogurt parfait are often disappointing.

They're hardly ever fresh.

The yogurt is usually bottom-shelf with no flavor.

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The Idea


The idea is to give yogurt parfaits the Sweetgreen treatment.

Imagine a retail location where (like Chipotle, or Qdoba, or Sweetgreen, or Subway, or any smoothie place) you go in and build your own parfait.

You can pick from a variety of different yogurts as your base. Do you want flavored yogurt? Greek yogurt? Dairy free? Lot's of different options.

Then, just like a smoothie place, you have lots of fresh fruit (and maybe veggies?) that can be added as toppings.

Want extra protein? Add some flavored protein powders.

Then for the crunch you can choose from a bunch of different granolas. Maple pecan, vanilla almond, honey roasted peanut etc.

As a breakfast place you'd probably also want to have coffees and stuff so people don't need to choose between you and Starbucks.