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Strip Rescue

November 9, 2022

The TV show Bar Rescue, but for strip clubs.

The Background


Bar Rescue is an incredibly popular reality TV show that has lasted for 8 full seasons.

The idea is that Jon Taffer (seen above) goes to different small town bars, yells at them, and helps them fix their business.

There's a lot of great drama, a little bit of business acumen. It's just a real fun show.

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The Idea


This week's idea is to fully rip this idea and apply it to strip clubs.

It would be an interesting look at a business most people don't know intimately.

And with the greasy owners + even greasier Jon Taffer, there is sure to be a lot of fun and drama to be had.

This would probably work as either a network TV show (unlikely due to nature of the show) or as a YouTube series.