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Snap Map for Global News

April 27, 2022

A news site where you can have fun going around the globe, finding otherwise buried foreign interest stories.

The Spark Notes Version


This business idea is a site built for exploring and discovering global news stories by navigating around on a map.

You would comb the internet for foreign stories, and place a pin on the state / country / continent where the story is taking place.

That way I can just go to your site and spend an afternoon navigating around the globe, looking at all the interesting news stories.

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The Long Version


People love interactive ways to discover new information. There's a reason that a lot of kids' favorite books were encyclopedias back when those existed.

It's fun to just flip through the pages and find new things to learn about.

This is the same reason that Snap Map is popular. It's just fun to look over the map and see the disbursement of your contacts around the globe. Seeing that your friend is on vacation in Aruba. Or that they got sent to Rikers.

The other thing that people love is the news. At least I do. Learning about what's going on globally makes me feel cultured.

But, the problem is that at any given point in time there is only one global story that any western news outlet cares about. I'm not going to go on CNN's website to try and find interesting foreign affair stories because it's just not a fun experience.

This is really cool opportunity to take this mechanism of exploring the globe, and combine it with the natural intrigue of global news stories.

It would be a website (or app, I suppose) very similar to Waze or Google Maps or Snap Map. Except, instead of seeing speed traps, construction, or people, you see news stories.

As a company you would scrape the internet for meaningful stories from all over the globe, and then place a pin on the map wherever it is taking place. You could use Mapbox or Google Maps as the API for delivering the interactive map.

I could totally see myself spending an afternoon browsing around, reading about a territorial dispute over a national landmark in Peru or the development of a new technology in Suriname.

The second, ancillary, benefit is that it puts these stories in proper geographical context. When I see a story about Latvia, I might know that its up there by Russia and Finland, but I wouldn't be able to tell you its neighbors without looking at a map. It'd be helpful to have the map right there so I could have that aid.

In summary, this would be a really entertaining way for people to spend a ton of time exploring news stories. Your time on page would likely be really high and you could probably get a ton of ad revenue. You could advertise it by rewriting a bunch of stories and syndicating them on reddit and hackernews and whatnot. Then people would read the story and naturally find the navigation functionality.