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Search Engine for Forum Posts

July 6, 2022

A search engine calibrated to only show results from real people on forums



I’m not sure if anyone else does this. So this product might literally only be for me.

But any time I want recommendations, I usually tack “Reddit” onto the back of my search. Like if I want to know the best restaurants in a given place, I’m not going to look through all of the listicle affiliate sites that are written by people who have never been there. And tripadvisor is famously easy to game.

However I find that Reddit usually provides much more genuine opinions, with people debating back and forth on which restaurants really are the best.

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The Idea


So here’s the idea. A search engine calibrated to only show results from forums.

Because Reddit isn’t the only place that provides genuine recommendations. If I was looking for a mountain bike, I’d also like to find results from relevant biking forums. Maybe even Facebook groups. 

But the problem is that I’m not going to spend 40 minutes crafting the perfect Google query with 10 different “site:example.com” parameters. I’ll probably just accept a slightly worse experience and type in “reddit” at the end like I always do. 

The other problem with using Google is that it doesn’t really seem to index Reddit posts in any meaningful order. 

Our search engine, since it is specially designed to index forum posts, would be able to rank them by relevance, number of comments, date of newest activity, etc. 

So now, when I want to find the best restaurant in Albuquerque or the best mountain bike, I can just go ahead and type that right into this new search engine, and get far more useful results.