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Reasonable Meal Delivery

November 2, 2022

Meal delivery service for active people not looking to lose weight. Healthy macros + large portions.

The Background


I love the idea of meal delivery services.

I hate doing dishes. I don't often have time to cook. So it's a perfect value prop for me.

But it seems that every meal delivery service caters to some group that I don't fit into. Fad diets, people trying to lose weight, whatever.

It is almost impossible to find a meal delivery service with meals over 600 calories. I haven't been able to. And I've tried.

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The Idea


The idea is a meal delivery service designed for athletes and active people.

Portions would be large (1k calories+) to sustain someone who is often active.

Meals would be designed to have the perfect blend of macronutrients for someone who needs peak performance.

Basically a meal delivery service to replace meal prep for gym rats.

The other problem with a lot of these services is that they trade nutrition for taste. The vegetables are often covered in butter and salt, and the portions of protein are small.