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Personal Content Locker

August 17, 2022

A chrome extension that locks your content behind things you need to do

The Background


There are a million apps designed to help you learn something.

But they all have the same fundamental flaw. They require me to actually have the willpower to go use the app. 

Duolingo is great. It makes learning a language easy. But I still need the discipline to actually go to the site and do the lessons.

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The Idea


The idea is to flip this dynamic on its head. Rather than needing to go to the app to learn, it forces me to learn in order to do other things I want to do.

Here’s how it would work.

It would be a chrome extension that would pair with existing e-learning platforms (like Duolingo or Brilliant).

Any time you use your computer to watch a YouTube video, or read an article, or look at a Reddit post, etc. it would automatically lock the content behind your next lesson. So, to watch that video you would need to finish one German lesson (or whatever). 

This would force people to actually learn the thing, because not doing it would result in you not being able to do the other things you enjoy.