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Peelable Cutting Boards

November 16, 2022

Cutting boards that you can just throw out when you're done

The Background


As a hobby, I run a granola bar business. We go to lots of farmer's markets, and we always have the same issue.

Cutting up samples. We have a bunch of different flavors, so ideally we would want to wash the cutting board between every sample that we cut.

But there usually isnt anywhere to wash them.

So instead, we kind of awkwardly use the wrapper of the granola bar to put something between the cutting board and the bar.

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The Idea


This problem has already been solved for painters.

Many painters don't like cleaning their pallets. So companies have come out with pallets that are basically a big stack of water-proof paper.

You mix your paints on top of it. And when you're done with it, you just rip off the top sheet, revealing a clean new one underneath it.

I want the same thing, but for cutting boards.

Obviously you would need to use something a bit more substantial than paper, but there must be something cheap and durable enough.

Even if they didn't rip off, but rather swung around like a spiral notebook. Then I could get 10-20 clean cutting boards for the event and just wash the whole booklet when I get home.