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OpenSea but for Real Life

May 4, 2022

$400 billion is spent on collectibles every year. Why isn't there a good place for people to share their collections?

The Spark Notes Version


Okay, so people spend a ton of money on collectibles. So what? They’re probably just laundering money or something.

People’s collections are a major part of their life. They display them proudly in their home, they spend their weekends searching garage sales, they join message boards with other collectors.

But isn’t there a bigger opportunity here?

This would be an app or site where collectors can share the pieces in their collection. They can also discover other collectors in the same niche as them. There could also be purchasing / offer functionalities to streamline the process of finding new pieces from your collection.

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The Long Version


The people that like NFTs really like them. I don't like them that much.

But I do recognize just how genius OpenSea is.

If you're not familiar, OpenSea is a social media site / marketplace where people can showcase their NFTs, sell them, and connect with other people in the community.

One of the main functionalities of NFTs is the ability to show people the ones you own. It's fun to have your own OpenSea page showcasing the hard work you've put into curating your collection.

It's a brilliant mechanic.

It allows collectors to show off their collections, it facilitates purchasing, and it also creates a community of like-minded people. It's crazy that this same functionality doesn't exist for physical collections.

Let's say you collect Chinese porcelain. That's pretty niche. Where are you going to chat with other collectors?

There's chinese-antique-porcelain.com. That site looks like it was made in the 50s. Antiquers.com isn't much better.

The truth is -- it's hard to share your collection, it's hard to discover new pieces, and it's hard for new people to discover the hobby.

But now, imagine that there is an OpenSea for physical objects. You can upload your whole collection there. The site automatically finds similar collectors and connects you with them. It shows you Chinese porcelain collectors. But maybe it also shows you Japanese Tojiki collectors, with whom you might have a lot in common.

Now let's say I join the site. I'm looking to start a painting collection.

I scroll around and find wonderful paintings in private collections. And then I stumble upon a beautiful vase. It turns out that it's Chinese porcelain, and it's part of your collection.

Not only do you get the satisfaction of people admiring your collection, but you also now have the opportunity to introduce new people to your passion. This site would fundamentally change the way that collectors interact with each other.