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One SSO to Rule Them All

December 9, 2022

An SSO company that gives you more control and security over all your accounts

The Background


Are you familiar with SSO? I bet you are. It's that thing when you go to create a new account on a website and it lets you login with your Facebook, or Google, or whatever.

SSO is very convenient. But it requires remembering which account you used, and it makes it impossible to share accounts between different people (without also sharing the underlying account).

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The Idea


The idea is to create a company that is very similar to something like 1Password. It's an account management tool. For illustration here let's call it 1Account.

You have one account with it, and you can use that account to login to thousands of websites, the same way you can with your Google account.

The difference is that you only have 1 account. You can use the same one for work, sharing between friends, etc.

On the backend, you can easily share different accounts, while still using the same one to login.For instance, let's say you want your employee to be able to login to your email account.

You'd first go into your 1Account and search for Outlook (or whatever). Then you'd share access to your employee's account.

Then, when they go to Outlook, they login with 1Account. 1Account asks them which account they'd like to use, and they select yours.

This is much better than the current options, since the employee never gets a password to the account. You can revoke access and be sure that they won't be able to get in again. No changing passwords.

Obviously there are non-business reasons why this is better, too. If you want to share your Netflix account, no problem. If you want to share your Amazon account, that's fine.T

his could all be handled on the backend, so it wouldn't require significant technical infrastructure from any of the sites that implement it.

There would be no more needing to remember passwords, no more needing to share passwords with friends, etc.