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Money Zapier

September 21, 2022

A site that allows you to automate your money

The Background


I have a few different projects with different partners. 

Most of them are operated under rev-share agreements. 

Actually sending rev-share payments is a major hassle.

Since we usually subtract certain costs, calculate fees, add delays, it’s way more than most platforms can handle.

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The Idea


The idea is Zapier for money.

You can have different triggers (new sale, new account, every x days, ...)

You can then build out different automations based on these triggers.

Here are some examples.

Complex rev-share

  1. Every week, trigger an automation.
  2. Add up the total revenue over the 1 week period 1 month prior. Collect this from Stripe, Paypal, Cash (accounting software integrations would be helpful here).
  3. Subtract operating expenses and cost of goods.
  4. Multiply by 30%.
  5. Send that amount to Partner x.

Affiliate partners

  1. Trigger any time there is a new account
  2. Check if the account has a referral code
  3. If it does, send $10 to that affiliate


  1. Once a month, tally up the revenue for each salesperson.
  2. If the amount is greater than $x, continue.
  3. Send a bonus of $y to the salesperson.