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Mailman Data

December 21, 2022

Sell data to trading firms that you acquire from mailmen

The Background


People like investing.

That's probably not news to you. Worldwide, there are millions of people who invest money as their full-time job.

These people are always looking for information that may give them a leg up over the market.

But, as it stands, there is one major source of data that isn't being utilized.

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The Idea



Mailmen, as a class, have direct access to information that would be super valuable to trading firms.

As an example, take Amazon. If we were able to get an exact count of the number of packages shipped by Amazon, we would be able to predict their quarterly financials with far greater accuracy than the rest of the market.

Same thing with Hello Fresh, Walmart, etc.

Here's how we can get this data.

Offer every mailman some set amount of money per month. Probably around $100-250 per month. 

In exchange, they have an app where they tally up every branded package they send out.

In the backend, we collate all of this data and use it to show trends, forecast financials based on previous years, etc.

Then we package this data and sell it quarterly to all of the big trading firms. 

Let's be clear — this would be expensive data to acquire. But each client could make hundreds of millions of dollars using it.