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December 28, 2022

Relationship Management tool for HOAs

The Background


It's no secret that most people don't like HOAs. 

They're bloated, lack transparency, and pit neighbors against one another.

But the reality is that they exist, lots of people are part of them, and they could be done better.

Most HOAs still use paper documents that are scanned and uploaded to some obscure site.

Finding meeting minutes, covenants, receipts for payments, etc. is near impossible. Figuring out if the document you're looking at is the most recent or if it has been superseded usually is impossible.

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The Idea


The idea is a software platform that the HOA can use to house everything. A HOA Relationship Management tool, or HOARM for short.

It would keep a PDF of the most recent covenants, and any other documents.

It would have a calendar with all board meetings, and minutes from all previous ones.

It would hold announcements that home owners may want to know about.

It would have built-in messaging capabilities so that any disputes or questions can be handled in one central, transparent place.

It would handle collecting HOA dues / fines and it could show specifically how those dues are being spent. 

It could even have a built-in voting mechanism where the HOA leadership or members can propose changes to governance and then all members can vote.

The idea is that it will make the HOA leadership's job easier by streamlining the collection of dues and handling of disputes. But it will also make it much more transparent and open for the members.