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GoFundMe for Charity

August 29, 2022

A platform that makes the process of creating an event for charity was easier

The Background


Through the rise of social media, there are lots of people doing amazing things for charity.

I’ve seen people who have dedicated themselves to running a marathon a day for charity. Or biking across the US. 

But there are two problems with this. 

First, it’s kind of a headache logistically for the person performing the feat. They have to navigate tax complications, reimbursements, collecting money, brand partnerships, etc.

Second, there’s usually a layer of obfuscation between the person donating and the cause. Sure, it might rarely happen, but there’s a chance that the organizer just disappears with the money at the end.

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The Idea


The idea is for a kickstarter-type site that is made solely for charitable events. 

The organizer picks a charity, and the platform guarantees that all proceeds will go there. They handle any tax implications, making the donation, and more. 

Additionally, they provide a sort of social feed where the supporters can get updates from the organizer (or videos, shoutouts, etc.). 

There would also be a way for the organizer to get the email address of anyone who donated so they can let them know about other events in the future.

Plus, there’s a discovery aspect. Rather than the organizer having to do all of the work themselves, the platform will be able to advertise it to everyone who regularly visits the site / anyone who has donated in the past.

It also could allow for big brands to sponsor the event. They would get a preferential ad spot on the social feed and it would all be automatic.

Finally, it could also handle ticket sales, raffles, and other typical fundraising models that charities use.

Basically, the idea is for a platform that just makes the act of doing something for charity much easier. And it would provide a better experience for those looking to support.