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Free Dash Cams

September 21, 2022

A company that supplies dash cams for free, but charges for the videos.

The Background


Dash cameras are pretty cheap to produce. But they’re fairly expensive to buy.

However, they’re usually a good investment. If you get in an accident that isn’t your fault, a dash-cam can save you tons of money.

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The Idea


So here’s the idea. Do the printer/ink model, but for dash cams.

Create a brand of cloud-connected dash-cams that are constantly recording and uploading to the cloud. 

Give them away for free (with certain terms for broken / lost devices).

Any time someone needs the footage for whatever reason, charge them $x. 

This would have lots of applications for individuals.

But this could be really huge if you break into the commercial sector.

You could get contracts with big freight / transport companies. Provide them the backend software and the hardware to equip all of their vehicles with cameras. All totally free of charge. 

Any time they need the videos, they pay a fixed rate.