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Farmer's Market-ify

December 16, 2022

A web platform specifically built for hosting events

The Background


I run a granola bar business. Every week, we go to between 1 and 3 events to sell our bars. Things like holiday markets, farmer's markets, craft fairs, etc.

And, while they're usually enormously profitable both for the vendors and the spaces, they are often really shoddily run.

Most of them still require paper checks.

The websites are rarely updated with a new list of vendors.

Maps and information are hard to find.

The event isn't visible on Google.

There's no way for the vendors to get the contact info for each other or the customers.

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The Idea


This week's idea is to build a platform specifically for vendor events. The idea is that it would be free for the venue, and the platform would just take a small cut of the table fees.

Here are some of the features.

1. Easy registration / application -- Most events still coordinate over paper or email. Having one place where the venue can see all of the vendor applications and approve / reject with one click would be super useful.

2. Automated mapping -- The venue could upload the map and define the different stalls / types. The program would then automatically distribute the vendors around the map efficiently. The map would be super useful for vendors, and would save the venue a lot of time.

3. Payment collection -- The venue would be able to automatically collect payment from both vendors and customers (if there is a ticket cost).

4. Analytics -- There would be ways for the venue to report the number of attendants, as well as for the vendors to report their revenue. This would enable the venue to give more specific data to vendors at future events.

5. Automated emailing / email capture -- There would be integrations that would allow the venue to collect emails at the door. All of these people would then automatically get emails about future events.

6. Automated vendor lists -- Once a vendor is approved, their logo and description will automatically appear on the site.

7. Vendor notifications -- Automatically send an email to the whole vendor list in case of changes to the schedule or weather delays.

8. Automated distribution on Google -- The site would automatically index the event on Google so that people see it when they search "events near me this weekend" or whatever.