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Delivery Tubes

August 22, 2022

A system of tubes to deliver things straight to your door

The Background


This idea is going to be a little “out there” relative to our normal ideas.

But I was thinking the other day.

Let’s say I wanted to order a pack of M&Ms from the local convenience store.

The absolute best infrastructure we can come up with is a human, in a 3000 pound machine, handing it to me. 

That’s crazy. 

We can make water, electricity, gas, and more instantly available right in-home.

Why can’t we transport M&Ms?

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The Idea


I’m going to be honest – I don’t know what the best logistical solution to this problem is.

But, if you can figure it out, you can make a fortune.

My suspicion is that something like the pneumatic tubes at a bank is the best way. 

Regardless of the specific implementation, the idea is for a company that acts like a utility company, but the utility that they provide is a way to ship anything within a given size range anywhere in your city, in just a few minutes.

Need groceries? No problem, they’ll come through the tubes in 10 minutes. Want a gatorade? No problem, the local 7/11 will send one over. 

It’s the next step in satisfying our need for instant gratification. 

Expansion plans? 

Build these tubes all over the country and allow for driver-less shipping anywhere nationwide.