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Database-Based Email Service Provider

November 11, 2022

An ESP that automatically hooks into your database

The Background


If any of you are tech people and have used an email service provider, you've probably had a problem.

You need to manually upload all of your contacts, and somehow keep them updated alongside your database.

If someone's address or email changes, you need to manually change it in your email service provider.

If they update their email preferences, you need to manually update it.

If someone signs up on your site, it needs to manually be added to the email service.

Plus, you have to agree to give all of your customer data over to Mailchimp, or Constant Contact, or whatever else.

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The Idea


This doesn't have to be the case.

This week's idea is an email service provider that automatically hooks into your database.

Here's how it currently works.

  1. Someone signs up on your site
  2. Your site adds them to your database
  3. You add them to your list on Mailchimp (or wherever)
  4. You send an email
  5. Mailchimp sends the email to everyone on your list
  6. Your customer updates their account
  7. You update your database
  8. You manually update them on Mailchimp

Here's how this new system would work.

  1. Someone signs up on your site
  2. Your site adds them to your database, like it already does
  3. You send an email
  4. Mailchimp reads your database and sends to everyone in it (or whoever you choose)
  5. Your customer updates their account
  6. You update your database

This way you only need to keep your contact info up-to-date in your own database, which you are already doing.

You would be able to manually add tags in your database and have a lot more granular control over who you're sending to.

Plus, Mailchimp would never need to store your customer's data.

This would be a significantly better solution than what currently exists, as long as it has the traditional features.