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Culture Classes

October 28, 2022

An online program that introduces all of the content and ideas that you need to be familiar with to be "cultured."

The Background


There is a set of things that you need to be familiar with to be seen as "cultured" in Western society.

Certain books you need to have read, certain music you need to recognize, certain art and cultural movements you need to be familiar with.

Dostoevsky, Prokofiev, Thoreau, etc.

But no one will actually tell you what these things are.

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The Idea


The idea is an online class that categorizes and introduces all of these things over a few years.

It guides you through reading the books you need to read, and helps you understand the symbolism.

It introduces different artistic movements and shows some of the most important artists and their works.

It explains different political ideologies and compares them.It's basically the spark notes version of the collection of liberal arts classes that no one paid attention in.