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CRM Based on Google Maps

July 1, 2022

Software that helps streamline outreach to local businesses using Google Maps as a base



I used to run a car detailing business. And as part of our marketing, we would cold outreach to a bunch of local businesses. We’d call realtors, car dealers, hair salons, etc. Our pitch would be:

“Hey, we’re a local detailing business. We passed you on the street the other day and wanted to reach out. We’d love to come give you a group rate to have us detail all the cars for your {stylists / real estate agents / customers}.” 

Here’s how we would do it. We’d come up with a type of business. Then we’d type it into Google Maps, and then write down the numbers of all the ones we thought were promising into a spreadsheet.

This was super inefficient though. We had to manually consult the spreadsheet anytime we wanted to see if we had already contacted a business, we would have to just remember which areas we searched, etc.

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The Idea


So here’s the idea.

A sales CRM built on top of Google Maps. It takes all of the hassle out of it, and empowers you to make use of Google Maps as the cold outreach treasure trove that it is.

It would be useful for literally any type of business that needs to reach out to other businesses. Local services, SaaS companies, agencies, etc.

Here’s how it would (roughly) work. 

The interface would be different from the default Google Maps interface, in order to be more streamlined for the purpose of selling.

You’d have the ability to search for a given type of business, or to set a default search for your whole organization. 

The program will then remember where you (or any of the other sales agent in your org) have already searched, and recommend a new area. 

In any area you choose to search, it will eliminate the results that you’ve already contacted.

On any new contact, it will show you their phone number, email address, and then basic description stuff.

It will also have advanced filtering like number of reviews, do they have pictures, etc.

On each business, it’ll show you similar businesses nearby that you have already marked as customers so in your messages you can say things like “we run marketing for {xyz company} just down the road from you and were able to get them great results.” 

Then of course it will also have all of the standard CRM features. Once you’ve reached out to a business, you tag them so you or an account manager can follow up properly. You can message and call right through the app, etc. 

I’m sure there are a million other features you could offer, but the selling proposition of being able to automate outreach to local businesses through Google Maps would be enough for me to pay.