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Cricut Design Subscription

December 30, 2022

Like a stock photo site, but for Cricut-ready designs.

The Background


My mom does a lot of baking as a hobby. Everyone seems to want cookies with custom designs.

She's recently started airbrushing designs onto the cookies to provide an affordable alternative to traditional piping.

I suggested that she get a Cricut — basically a table-top CNC machine that will cut designs for her. That way she can make her own stencils for airbrushing.

So, we got her a Cricut and spent all night trying to set it up. 

And we learned that it's a huge pain. You either need a pre-vectorized image (which are very hard to find), or you need to buy a design from Cricut's marketplace where you're going to spend $4 per design. 

She used to spend $5 for someone on Etsy to make her a stencil and print it out and mail it.

So she's only saving $1 per stencil.

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The Idea


This is a universal problem for different Cricut applications. Whether you're having it draw a picture, emboss, cut out stencils, make stickers, or anything else, you'll need to either have your own vector illustrations or buy them.

This can get super costly.

So, the idea is to have a subscription service where people pay $10-20/month, and get unlimited access to cricut-ready designs. 

Most of these people are already buying things like stencils on Etsy. So here's how you advertise it.

You go to the top sellers on Etsy for different products (people selling vector images, pre-cut stencils, etc.). 

Offer them a 20% lifetime affiliate commission on anyone they refer. Then just have them include a coupon for a free month of your software in every order they fulfill. 

This is passive income for them and is a great way for you to get in front of your audience.

If you don't want to create all of the images yourself, you can do a Spotify model. Have other artists who you find on Etsy upload all of their products, and then they get a percentage of revenue proportional to the number of downloads their images get.