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Community Notes

October 26, 2022

A Chrome extension that gives a more organic way to discuss content on the web.

The Background


The idea of a community of people discussing internet content is not new.

Reddit does it. Facebook groups do it. Private forums do it.

But this method of (find content on internet) -> (share / discuss it in group) has two major flaws.

First, it leaves out the context that you're specifically talking about. If you're arguing against a specific line of the text, another commenter would have to go in and identify what part you're referring to.

Second, once the discussion is over, it's lost to time. The next time someone stumbles onto that piece of content, the discussion starts anew, rather than building on the previous discussion.

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The Idea


The idea is to create a community platform that natively solves both of these problems.

The idea is that, to participate in the community, you must download the browser extension and follow the group.

Then, any time you're browsing the internet, you can leave a comment right on the article you're reading. Think of it kind of like a Google doc comment. It'll appear off to the side of the article, and will highlight the part you're commenting on.

You will also be able to see comment threads from other members of the community any time you find an article that has been previously discussed.

There would be a Reddit-style site attached, too. Any time someone comments on an article, it would be as if they posted the link to Reddit. There would be some formula to rank articles by popularity.

The idea is just that this is a better form of community discussion, since the comments are in their proper context and they are always building off of all previous discussion.