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Clothes for Backpackers

September 21, 2022

A library of clothes for people traveling to a place without a lot of luggage

The Background


Traveling out of a backpack for a long period of time is fairly tough.

You usually have three options, all of which have significant drawbacks.

  1. Wear whatever clothes can fit in your bag multiple days and just admit that you’re going to smell
  2. Buy new clothes at your destination
  3. Do laundry multiple times

It’s fairly easy to see the negatives of each of these

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The Idea


The idea is to solve this problem.

Here’s the solution.

A franchise of stores with locations in all major cities. You have a monthly membership, as a traveler.

When you get to your destination, you go to the store. It’s setup like a normal clothing store. You pick out whatever you need (in accordance with the level of your membership).

All of the clothes get scanned, and you leave the store. Now you have a wardrobe for however long you’re in that city.

Once you’ve worn everything, or are ready to leave, you go back to the store. They have a big laundry bin. You dump everything in, where it gets scanned and re-inventoried. 

You can then either take some more clothes out, or wait until your next destination. Kind of like a library for clothes.