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Chopped for You and Me

September 7, 2022

A local events service that allows me to compete against friends in a Chopped-style competition

The Background


My friends and I were watching one of those cooking shows last night. I don’t remember which one, but it was one of the standard “2 home cooks get an ingredient and have to compete” ones. 

The show itself was fun but not super interesting.

But, I asked my friends what they would make given that ingredient and that actually led to a pretty engaging discussion.

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The Idea


The business idea here is that I think participating in one of these shows is more fun than watching them.

If my friends and I could go on Chopped, I think we would have a lot of fun competing to make the best dish.

But there are two problems. 

First of all, getting on Chopped takes a tremendous amount of effort. You need to go to auditions, fly to their studios, go through wardrobe and makeup. It’s just not much fun.

Second, we’re definitely not good enough cooks to make it on the show.

So, now that you’ve indulged me, here’s the idea – a paint & sip-style events business where people can come in and compete in a similar setup to Chopped.

I would buy tickets on Groupon or whatever, and come in with 3 or 4 friends. 

We would be among maybe 10-12 other people. We would each get a small kitchen station.

We would get a “secret ingredient” at the start of the evening, and then would have to compete to make the best dish with it. At the end, everyone would try each of the different dishes and score them. Best person gets a ribbon or whatever.

I think this would be a super fun business to run, and as long as you have some decent local marketing chops, I think it would be fairly easy to get off the ground.

For example, maybe you could contact the local news and have the anchors come down and do one of your competitions. People would love to see that. 

Obviously if it works, the opportunity is in scaling to different locations / franchising.