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Automated Endearing

October 17, 2022

Software that gives you news alerts for things that your sales leads are interested in.

The Background


One of the hardest things for a salesperson to do is create a personal connection with every prospect.

If you can do it, you gain a significant advantage over other salespeople.

But here's the problem.

Creating a relationships like that takes forever.

It also requires insane feats of memory.

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The Idea

So here's the idea.

There are certain heuristics that can be used to emulate a real relationship.

For example, keeping info about a customer's family in your rolodex used to be a super popular tactic. Any time you call you would ask "how's Jimmy?" or whatever.

The problem is that this is too easy to automate. And things that are easy to automate don't impress people because they just assume that it's automated.

So the trick is to find something that seems impossible to automate, and then automate it.

Here's one example of that.

Imagine you were chatting with a salesperson, and in passing mention that you love motorcycle racing. Maybe they asked you what your plans were for the weekend or something.

Now imagine you got a text from them a week or two later with a news article about motorcycle racing and a message like "hey, it was a pleasure chatting last week. I saw this article and thought you might be into it".

For most people, they would see this as a really nice, personal gesture.It doesn't seem like something that could be automated. But it is.The business idea here is a software product that automates exactly this.

For any given prospect, you enter the different interests that you learn about them.

Then, any time there is a popular news story, current event, YouTube video, or anything else, it will use a text generation AI to write a quick message to them about it.

Basically just like "Hey I remember you're into _____ -- did you see _____?! Crazy!"

You could even start with a much less technologically complex version. Just setup alerts for all of these different interests, and then in their dashboard they can see the new pings.

Then they can handle writing the message to the lead themselves.