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AI Keyword Tool

December 2, 2022

A tool that generates SEO campaign ideas specifically for AI

The Background


AI content farms are a huge opportunity right now. Like massive.

It's going to be a gold rush.

But if you don't want to actually make one of these gold mines, you can sell shovels to those who are.

There are a lot of opportunities here. But one of the biggest problems is coming up with good strategies for AI.

See -- AI SEO strategies are a lot different from regular SEO strategies.

Traditionally, with SEO, you want a few really good (low competition, high volume) keywords, that you'll write articles for.

But not with AI.

With AI you want a massive amount of keywords that are all versions of the same template, regardless of difficulty.

For instance, a good thing for AI would be something like targeting every single "how to use [word] in a sentence" keywords. If you ran a creative writing service maybe you could create a site like this to help find clients.

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The Idea


The idea this week is to make keyword tools specifically for finding AI strategies.

They would find keywords that have high volume, but all follow a rigid pattern. You could put in your niche, and it would spit out all of the templates that lots of keywords fall into.

Like if you typed in "socks" maybe it would spit out something like "[characteristic] socks". Basically telling you to target keywords like "superhero socks" or "fancy socks" or whatever.

This would be a super useful tool and you could probably even build it on top of something like Ahrefs or Semrush.