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AI Content Farm Tool

November 30, 2022

A tool that automates long-form content creation with AI

The Background


In the past month, OpenAI has made 2 large changes to the GPT platform.

First, they introduce a new model -- Davinci 3. This model is significantly better than previous models at generating long-form content.

Second, they relaxed their requirement that all projects using the API need to be manually approved.

This is a huge opportunity for people who are dabbling in AI content.

But the problem is that, unless you're a dev, integrating GPT-3 is still difficult. There are some softwares that do it, but they are all an interface over the top of it that lack customizability.

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The Idea


The idea is a platform that helps you use GPT-3, but doesn't water it down. Fundamentally, there would be two features.


Feature 1: Prompt writing

Prompt writing for AI is super tricky. You need to format it in such a way that the output is in exactly the write format. Plus you need it to match your tone, style, etc.

But once you know the secret, creating prompts is pretty easy.

So this first feature would take in:

1. The data you want to use to generate the content (article titles, scraped info, etc.)
2. The data you want to get back (title, meta description, article body, image alt tags, etc.)

You would then input some example data to show the model what you want.

Our program would then let you test the prompt using your own OpenAI API key to see what it returns. It would also let you easily run the prompt at will with a button press.

And, if you want to build your own prompt, it would allow you to edit the text manually. You would be able to use your input data as merge tags and then specify exactly what you want the output to be.


Feature 2: Auto-generation / syncing

The second, and arguably more powerful feature, would take the prompt you just generated, and automatically run it x times per day (anywhere from 1 to 1000).

It would then take the returned data and sync it with:

- Google Drive
- Airtable
- Webflow
- Wordpress
- Just send it to a webhook

This simple tool would allow you to fully automate the process of creating AI content at scale, without sacrificing any of the freedom or customizability.