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AI Album Covers

September 19, 2022

Software that creates album covers for musicians based on their music

The Background


My brand has released a few albums of music to use on our TikToks. One part that I definitely underestimated was creating album art.

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The Idea


This is a super simple idea. 

But it’s basically to use AI to create a site where people can create album art.

There are lots of these sites using GPT-3 for things like writing ad copy, designing landing pages, etc.

This would be a site that uses DALL-E (or some other similar software) to design custom artwork based specifically on your music.

You would input your spotify, and it would use all of the metadata (song names, genre, similar artists, location, etc.). You could also include art styles you like.

It would then procedurally generate album covers until you find one you like. 

They would then be able to add text and extras like explicit / parental advisory warnings.

You could either charge once they find a design they like, or charge for the design credits.