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Abandoned Cart Attribution for the Real World

August 24, 2022

A system that is able to give you the info of people in your store

The Background


Most people don’t know this, but there is software that can help a business target ads to you if you visit their site, even if you don’t put any info in. 

Here’s how it works.

This software gets stored on lots of different websites. It can identify you across them. 

If you ever purchase something from one of these websites, or enter an email address, or give them any data at all, it tracks that.

Then, it will tell all the other websites it’s installed on what info you gave that one site.

This way, they can advertise to you specifically, knowing that at some point you went to their site.

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The Idea


I know that there are privacy concerns related to this idea. And for those reasons it probably shouldn’t be pursued. But, it’s too good of an idea not to at least discuss.

The idea is taking this same technology and applying it to the real world.

If someone comes into your store, it would be amazing for you to be able to retarget them digitally via ads. 

Furthermore, some companies (particularly Fing) have invented ways for a piece of hardware to detect any nearby device, along with identifying information about it.

So here’s how it would work.

Anyone who signs up with your service would install one of your boxes in their store.

It would detect all nearby devices and store them in a database (if they’re not already there). 

Then, anytime someone carrying one of these devices gives out information at any of the stores (email address, phone number, name, etc.), it is available to any of the other stores where they’ve previously shopped.

Most people will already have information stored about them, so the store will have their information as soon as they enter.

If you could create some sort of proximity measuring, you could even determine which sections they were shopping in and what items they were looking at.

This would allow them to:

  1. Create ads to retarget them for both the store and the specific items
  2. Send them perfectly-timed email coupons
  3. Create a better model of your perfect customer