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A Suite of Prefab Animations

September 2, 2022

A site where you can get customized common animations

The Background


Occasionally, I make travel videos.

In these videos, I often want animations of a plane flying across a map from my starting point to my ending point.

This is a pretty common animation use-case. Lots of travel videos use some version of this same animation.

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The Idea


This got me thinking – Why isn’t there a site that can help me build these pre-packaged animations? 

For the travel one, it would need my starting destination, my ending destination, mode of travel, and maybe a theme (cartoon, etc.). 

Obviously this wouldn’t be the only animation that would be offered. 

It could also offer a “cost” popup, or a subscribe popup.

Maybe it could even offer an animation of writing in a journal or something.

The base idea is just to create templates of a bunch of different common animations and allow people to render them with their own info.