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A Maid Service for Houseplants

June 1, 2022

Americans spend billions of dollars on houseplants and end up killing half of them.

The Software Solution


I believe that the reason these plants are dying is simply that the information on how to properly care for them is too spread out. Most people don’t want to become a botanist, they just want a fern in their living room or whatever.

So, the software solution is to make an app or a dashboard where you can input your plants (type, size, weight, amount of sunlight), and then it will give you a general calendar of how you should care for it.

It would tell you when you need to water it, what signs of ill health to look for, if you should trim it back, whether you need to give it nutrients, if you need to repot it, etc.

It would tell you exactly how to take care of it to minimize the chances of it dying.

Eventually you could even sell little water sensors to put in your pots that would connect to the app and give you incredibly accurate data on when to water them.

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The Real-Life Solution


The software solution would be great. But, there’s a good chance that the people who don’t want to take the time to look up how to take care of their plants also don’t want to spend the time setting up an app.

So, for these people, the real-life solution is a done-for-you houseplant care service.

Kind of like a maid service, but just for your plants.

You pay them $50/month (different tiers based on number / type of plants), and they will come by on an optimal schedule to water and prune your plants (or whatever else they need).

You would need to go to large developments where one botanist could get to 100 apartments per day in order to make the costs work.