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The Right Audience for You

What can we say about our audience that hasn't already been said?

There's a lot of them. Over 12,000 the last time we checked.

They open our emails. We consistently get >30% open rates.

They stick around. We have ridiculously low churn.

They click through. As long as your product is a good fit, we've seen very high CTRs on past offers.

Who are they?

52% Male, 31% Female, 17% Unknown


- 18-24: 8%
- 25-34: 15%
- 35-44: 17%
- 45-54: 17%
- 55-64:15%
- 65+: 12%


- Overwhelmingly tech-focused
- Most are mature businessmen
- Many read our newsletter for inspiration
- Many of our readers are actively looking for business opportunities

Our audience responds best to novel / interesting ideas and intriguing business opportunities.